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Key Principles of Fire Engineering

Our CPD UK – accredited ‘Key Principles of Fire Engineering’ CPD provides an introduction and a refresher training session into the core areas of our industry


About this CPD.

Key areas covered include advanced fire safety strategies, cutting edge fire protection technologies and regulatory updates.

It advises on how to encorporate fire safety into your building design while maintaining the highest possible standards to the client.

Course program.

Course length: 60 Minutes

The CPD is comprised of eight sections, broken down as follows:

The Key Principles of Fire Safety

Lets talk about the fundamentals

Exploring the vital role of Fire Safety

As an active member of the wider design team, obtaining the integrated design solution is the priority.

Evacuation Strategies

Definitions of different types of evacuation.

Influencing Building Design: Critical Factors

How occupant load and travel distance will affect your design.

Passive and Active Protection

Both active and passive fire safety systems are necessary to effectively detect, alert, prevent, limit, and potentially suppress a fire.

Grenfell and post-Grenfell

Safety is in the detail.

A Glimpse into the Building Safety Act 2022

Setting out safety requirements for landlords of higher-risk buildings.

An Overview of Fire Statement Guidance

The 3 fire safety policies that you need to know about.

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Our CPD-accredited ‘Key Principles of Fire Engineering’ webinar provides an introduction to Fire Engineering in the built environment

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