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About Us

Aura Fire is an independent fire safety consultancy

Based in central London, Aura Fire provide independent, cost-effective and robust fire consultancy services, combining best industry practice with experience delivered from years of collaboration between clients, employees and suppliers.

Our overriding mission is to safeguard life, property and business continuity, by using our vast domestic and international expertise to create the most suitable, functional and buildable solutions as important factors of our safe fire designs.

For too long, Fire Safety has had poor relations with construction industry – with tragic consequences. At Aura Fire, we are committed to drive industry change via tried and tested fire expertise in four key areas.

Fire Engineering

Aura Fire’s approach to building design is governed by the overarching need to protect life, property and business continuity, while proudly taking a unique approach to every project.

We work with clients’ design teams, local fire brigades and other stakeholders to help clients minimise or control risk and arrive at robust design solutions which do not compromise architectural vision.

Our services include:

  • Fire Strategy
  • Site Monitoring
  • Material Assessment

Fire Protection

Aura Fire’s advanced understanding of fire behaviour – in different contexts – to help our clients create the most effective means of suppressing it, should it ever break out.

Working alongside clients and their design teams we will provide full design, specification and inspection services for effective fire suppression in their projects.

Our services include:

  • Design drawings and specification in line with Local Code
  • Tender process assistance on behalf of clients
  • Inspection of the Contractor’s design on site
  • Sign off, handover and completion

Fire Guardian Services

Aura Fire helps Clients understanding Fire Strategy Reports by providing third party peer review together with on site inspections to determine if the project is being built in accordance with the fire safety measures provided by the Fire Engineer.

The Fire Guardian Services assist the design team to show that the documented design meets the stated performance. We enable a smooth review process, providing greater assurance for all stakeholders involved.

Our services include:

  • Passive and active fire measures specification review
  • Peer review of the Fire Strategy Report and the Management plan of the building
  • Review of final plans and sections

Fire Risk Assessment

Aura Fire helps clients identifying any deficiencies within their fire evacuation, prevention, passive and active systems, control and safety regime post occupation. This enables them to fulfil their responsibilities without the risk of an enforcement order or threats of prosecution. We use iPAMS tool for the most effective service.

Our services include:

  • Fire Detection Systems Risk Assessment
  • Sprinkler and Wet Riser Systems Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments
  • Annual review of safety systems

Dealing with fire for over 17 Years